Ige Adetokunbo Temitayo is a DevOps engineer at Emirates Airlines and co-founder of the newly formed Contributor Experience special interest group (SIG). Ige shared time with Rosalind Benoit and me to speak about his technical background and experience building a plugin in a Spinnaker Gardening Days hackathon.

I enjoyed learning more about him and the motivations behind his work, in his career and in open source.

Who is Ige Adetokunbo Temitayo?

Ige is a seasoned engineer passionate about business continuity, SRE and DevOps who holds a Master of Science in Business Information Technology.

His vast experience in computing cuts across the Software Development lifecycle and…

A lit porch light in a dark scene
A lit porch light in a dark scene
Photo by Jarrod Reed on Unsplash

Hi, I’m Nikema. I’m a tech generalist. I work in community marketing at Armory.io. Some of my techish activities include writing code (mostly in front-end web technologies), tech community building, and dishing hot takes about our industry on Twitter.

I’m fired up about leveraging existing and emerging technology to enhance human lives. For me, tech is all about the people it touches.

I never want to forget about the human costs and the consequences of what we create. That will always be top of mind for me when working in a technical role either personally or professionally.

I am new…

I’ve been thinking a lot about the unspoken and unwritten messages we all internalize. Today, diversity and inclusion is top of mind.

I’m a Black woman. I have been Black and female my entire life. Both of my parents are Black Americans. I’m blackity, black, BLACK.

Now that I’ve established my racial background, I can tell you I grew up and have spent a significant amount of time in predominantly white spaces. I’m accustomed to being the only, or one of a few people of color, or women in any given room or venue. I’m used to it, but…

It’s come to my attention that I have a message I need to share. I have an uncommon viewpoint of tech and startups. I have a unique voice that needs to be heard. I’m breaking the story down into pieces; this is the first installment.

Nikema Prophet

Mom, founder of PopSchools, Inc., artist, developer. Neurodivergent and socially awkward. I’m doing my best.

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